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Your pet’s happiness is our number one priority. All rooms have outdoor runs from 15 to 25 feet long. Our kennel has spacious rooms with individual outdoor covered runs. No matter the season, our kennel is both air-conditioned and heated. Each kennel room has its own raised bed, and a covered outdoor exercise area. Fresh water is always in the kennel as well as a cleaning schedule to keep your furry one safe and healthy. We treat your pet like family and provide them all day long with attention.  

Aranwood Kennel


$70 / NIGHT

1 Night Stay - 1 Day

$67 / DAY

Short Stay - 2 to 4 Days

$66 / DAY

Medium Stay - 5 to 6 Days

$63 / DAY

Long Stay - 7 to 14 Days

$60 / DAY

Extended Stay - 14 Days or More

$90 / DAY

Home Boarding

$20 / DAY

Individual Play Time
1 x 1 With Your Dog

$35 FEE

Pick Up After 12PM Will Have A $35 Fee.

For all other pricing details and other inquiries, please contact us.

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