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A trained canine is by far the best security money can buy. You are able to provide your loved one's with a full time protector as part of your family. With the right dog and proper training you will enjoy your canine as a loving protector. We only work with certain dogs whose temperament and instincts can achieve becoming a protector for you and your family.

Aranwood Kennels


$150 / 1 HR / 8 Classes 


The Basic Obedience for the Protection class will be the fundamentals obedience. We will teach you how to build drive for the tug, how to properly play tug, how to mark and reward with the tug, obedience (sit, down, heel, recall) with the tug, and how to use a bite sleeve or pillow. This portion will get you on track for the Advanced Personal protection course. Once we finish this course we will have certificates of completion for your dog. We will then evaluate your dog to see if they display the proper drives. 

This class is 8 weeks long for an hour each class. 


We ask you to please bring a harness, a 6FT leash, and a tug or a ball on a rope. 


Requirements before the Class:

1. Sit & Stay for a duration longer than 30 seconds.

2. Down & Stay for a duration longer than 30 seconds. 

3. The dog should understand the basic heel position.

4. A basic understanding of the leash recall.

**Please note these are helpful requirements for our classes to allow you and your dog to get the full capacity for the hour. If you need help getting your dog on track please contact us for training before this course. 


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